Kentucky · USA


Kentucky is the furthest South and East I’ve ever been in the United States.

What am I doing in the bluegrass state you ask? I’m visiting one of my very best friends, Arin, and also visiting this awesome part of America, because it’s beautiful!

Arin has been a wonderful tour guide. Thankfully she was (is) actually a history major, and has been filling me in on all the cool facts about everywhere we go. Yesterday she showed me around the University of Kentucky campus, and I tagged along to watch her teach an undergrad history class (LOL is all I have to say about that). Afterwards, we walked all over Lexington, which is just adorable. I even found a cute (symmetrical) door. Nearly every single house I’ve seen has been stinking cute, complete with Southern charm, blooming trees, and a big porch.

Our jaunt led us to Ashland, Henry Clay’s estate. I knew that name, but not too much else. Arin was able to clarify, and the estate is quite gorgeous. There’s even a cute little grave for the kitty that used to live there- How sweet is that?!

We finished off our day with wine, chips, jelly beans, and playing dress-up. You might be wondering why two grown-ass women were playing dress-up, but we actually have a really great excuse: Arin is engaged!!! As of two weeks ago, Arin is marrying her high school sweetheart, John, whom she has been dating for the better part of a decade. I am so beyond excited for the two of them. We are already very busy with wedding plans, and she already has her dress, hence the dress-up. It’s just perfect for her, and we were able to try on a veil and play around with some hairstyles.Today, I got the tour of Arin’s hometown, Danville. It’s pronounced dan-vull. And apparently the Appalachians are the app-uh-latch-ins. I feel very strongly that the correct pronunciation of a city is that of the locals, but regardless, I’m having difficulty getting used to that. I was able to meet a couple of such locals, such as: Arin’s future mother-in-law, brother, sister, and nephew. I was so happy to finally put some faces with these names I’ve come to know so well.Our next stop was Perryville (pair-vull), the site of the “battle for Kentucky.” There is a mass grave there for the confederate soldiers who never got buried, an old cannon, and the original fence. Very cool; there’s so much history everywhere.

So far I’m pretty enamored by Kentucky, but sadly I already have to leave. Arin and I are off to Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow, where we’re meeting up with another member of my tribe, Margaret. I know I’m in for a fun-filled, long overdue girl’s weekend!

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