Georgia · Kentucky · Ohio · USA · Wedding

#DrunkonDavis in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia

Thanks to this strong and beautiful woman, I got to spend an amazing weekend celebrating the end of her single life and getting #DrunkonDavis in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia.


I started the weekend in Cincinnati, which was surprisingly charming. I say surprisingly only because you don’t hear much about Cincinnati tourism. It had a wonderful vibe, though. From Cincy we went to Lexington, Kentucky to spend the night and to kiss my kitty nephews.



The next stop was Georgia for some beaching!


Pictured above are only some of her bridesmaids. Arin is one loved bride!


It was hot and the water was the perfect temperature, so we spent a lot of time in the ocean. It was the first real experience of humidity for this desert girl, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! My skin and hair felt amazing, and it made the breeze feel warm and pleasant.


Another plus was the sweet hook up we got with one of the bridesmaid’s family who own a condo five minutes from the beach. She planned pretty much the whole thing and got these cute shirts made for us.

We did a lot of relaxing, but being a bachelorette party, we also partied.





SSI was a perfect place for a girl’s weekend. It was only a little bit touristy with nice beaches and nice people.


…And at least one cute door.



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