Copenhagen · Denmark · Family


Well, it’s about 5:00 am here in Denmark, and I think Erwann and I are both done sleeping. He’s watching the Jazz game on his tablet, and we’re eating peanut M&Ms in bed. Welcome to our minimoon.

We left for John Wayne airport early on Tuesday morning and flew to Las Vegas. Annoyingly enough, we had to go through security again in Las Vegas, and walk approximately five miles all over the airport. Then of course our flight was late. We didn’t mind too much though. I laid down on the floor and tried to stretch while I still could.

10 hours later, we landed in Copenhagen. Budget airlines are such for a reason, as we saw from our lack of leg room on the plane. Neither of us were able to sleep much, and we were exhausted.

Despite our fatigue, we were still in good spirits! We found our hotel easily, freshened up, and set out to explore some.

Copenhagen is a pretty small city, so it’s pretty simple to get around on foot. There are also a lot of Christmas markets going on right now, so we checked out a couple of those. We got some hot wine, and Erwann was appalled by the customer service at the hot dog stand. I was shocked by the reindeer hides. More than that though, we were taking in the beautiful architecture and colors of the city. It is very unique and beautiful!


Next we went to check out the most famous part of the city, Nyhavn. It is so colorful and darling! We stopped at a restaurant for some coffee, but shortly after hit a big wall. I couldn’t even understand words anymore. I saw and heard Erwann talking to me, but had no clue what he was saying. It gets dark really early anyway, so we decided to go back to the hotel, take a nap, and explore some more at night.

After some much needed sleep, we went out to get some dinner.

I think we got pretty lucky. We were trying to eat at a restaurant recommended to us by the guy at the front desk of the hotel, but it was closed. Instead we found Karla’s. It was a tiny little place with only three people working there. The waitress was so nice to us and recommended a traditional Danish meal of pork, red cabbage, and potatoes. It was delicious and felt so good to get some real food.

After only one day in Denmark, I have a very good impression of the Danish, and not just because of the waitress who fed us yummy food. Everyone is helpful (and of course speaks perfect English). And so tall! Erwann and I blend right in.

After dinner, we went to the amusement park called Tivoli. We saw the Christmas lights and ate sugar roasted almonds. At this point, we’d just about had enough and went back to the hotel to go to bed.

And now here we are. Tomorrow (today??) we’re off to Paris!