Berlin · Germany

Christmas in Berlin

I have bittersweetly returned to Caen. Bitterly because I had so much fun in Berlin. It was amazing to see Miriam and to explore the city. Berlin was incredible. I loved it so much I’m going to try to go back in the summer. On the last day we got to ride bikes through the city, and I’d really like to do that without gloves next time!

Sweetly because strangely I really missed France. It feels good to be familiar with the customs and language. Also sweetly because JANAEA is here! Here are some highlights:

Potsdam- where the German royalty lived. It was like Germany’s Versailles.

Janaea and I partied for New Year’s here in Normandy. We’re spending the rest of the week here in Caen, then heading to Paris on Sunday for some sightseeing and shopping!