Brighton · France · Normandy · U.K.

Brighton, U.K. & Back to Caen

Would it really feel like France if I didn’t fall ill within two days of my arrival? Apparently not, as I suffered from some awful form of strep for a couple days this week, so please forgive me if this post seems a little scattered.

So, I left for the Salt Lake City International airport on May 20th and arrived in Denver at about 4:00 pm. From there, I left for Reykjavik, Iceland. I was STOKED because I had no one sitting next to me, so I was planning on being well rested by the time I got to London. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any luckier for my six hour flight, a flight attendant came up to me and asked if I was traveling alone. I said yes, and she told me that there was a mother and child who really needed to sit next to each other and asked if I might be willing to move to a different, better seat. I was skeptical and asked if she was moving me to a middle seat. Her response: “No, no. It’s better. I’ll show you. It’s behind the curtain up front.” Behind the curtain. BEHIND THE CURTAIN! Yes, the travel gods smiled upon me and saw it fit that I be moved up to first class for the longest stretch of my journey. Okay, maybe it was economy comfort whatever, but I could see into the first class area, and as far as I could tell the seats were the exact same, they just had fancier food and fancy china plates or something, instead of the standard cardboard flavored airplane food. Either way, I fully enjoyed my flight to Europe in a cushy seat with plenty of leg room.

Despite my good fortune, I was unable to sleep until my flight to London, which was only two hours long. So I arrived in London at 4:45 am Utah time on two hours of sleep! From there I took a bus to Brighton, which was thankfully not very long. Erwann met me at my bus stop shortly after I arrived. We enjoyed a happy reunion, fish and chips (well, I didn’t enjoy that part so much), the Brighton pier, making fun of English people and a lovely ferry ride back to France.


Three planes, one bus, one train, one taxi and one ferry later and I was back in Normandy! Of course the first few days were utterly dismal and rainy, but I was counting on that and I was happy to be back. It is also helpful that Erwann is so eager to reacquaint me with all my favorite French things (like chocolate eclairs, to name one). His mom has also gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and has been cooking really amazingly delicious food the past week.

Thankfully on Sunday we finally enjoyed some sunshine. We didn’t waste a minute of it and headed to a seaside city called Cabourg. However it’s always more chilly by the channel, so we ended up in the countryside picking flowers and making friends with the cows.

Finally, yesterday I was at last feeling like getting out of bed, so we went into Caen to do a little rediscovering. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. It really made my heart happy to be in my old stomping grounds again, with a pastry in hand of course. Erwann made me order at the bakery, and afterwards he said to me, “Wow, that was great, you didn’t make any mistakes!” To which I giggled because obviously ordering at the bakery was the very first thing I learned to do properly in France.

In short, it’s good to be back.