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#DrunkonDavis in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia

Thanks to this strong and beautiful woman, I got to spend an amazing weekend celebrating the end of her single life and getting #DrunkonDavis in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia.


I started the weekend in Cincinnati, which was surprisingly charming. I say surprisingly only because you don’t hear much about Cincinnati tourism. It had a wonderful vibe, though. From Cincy we went to Lexington, Kentucky to spend the night and to kiss my kitty nephews.



The next stop was Georgia for some beaching!


Pictured above are only some of her bridesmaids. Arin is one loved bride!


It was hot and the water was the perfect temperature, so we spent a lot of time in the ocean. It was the first real experience of humidity for this desert girl, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! My skin and hair felt amazing, and it made the breeze feel warm and pleasant.


Another plus was the sweet hook up we got with one of the bridesmaid’s family who own a condo five minutes from the beach. She planned pretty much the whole thing and got these cute shirts made for us.

We did a lot of relaxing, but being a bachelorette party, we also partied.





SSI was a perfect place for a girl’s weekend. It was only a little bit touristy with nice beaches and nice people.


…And at least one cute door.


Kentucky · USA


Kentucky is the furthest South and East I’ve ever been in the United States.

What am I doing in the bluegrass state you ask? I’m visiting one of my very best friends, Arin, and also visiting this awesome part of America, because it’s beautiful!

Arin has been a wonderful tour guide. Thankfully she was (is) actually a history major, and has been filling me in on all the cool facts about everywhere we go. Yesterday she showed me around the University of Kentucky campus, and I tagged along to watch her teach an undergrad history class (LOL is all I have to say about that). Afterwards, we walked all over Lexington, which is just adorable. I even found a cute (symmetrical) door. Nearly every single house I’ve seen has been stinking cute, complete with Southern charm, blooming trees, and a big porch.

Our jaunt led us to Ashland, Henry Clay’s estate. I knew that name, but not too much else. Arin was able to clarify, and the estate is quite gorgeous. There’s even a cute little grave for the kitty that used to live there- How sweet is that?!

We finished off our day with wine, chips, jelly beans, and playing dress-up. You might be wondering why two grown-ass women were playing dress-up, but we actually have a really great excuse: Arin is engaged!!! As of two weeks ago, Arin is marrying her high school sweetheart, John, whom she has been dating for the better part of a decade. I am so beyond excited for the two of them. We are already very busy with wedding plans, and she already has her dress, hence the dress-up. It’s just perfect for her, and we were able to try on a veil and play around with some hairstyles.Today, I got the tour of Arin’s hometown, Danville. It’s pronounced dan-vull. And apparently the Appalachians are the app-uh-latch-ins. I feel very strongly that the correct pronunciation of a city is that of the locals, but regardless, I’m having difficulty getting used to that. I was able to meet a couple of such locals, such as: Arin’s future mother-in-law, brother, sister, and nephew. I was so happy to finally put some faces with these names I’ve come to know so well.Our next stop was Perryville (pair-vull), the site of the “battle for Kentucky.” There is a mass grave there for the confederate soldiers who never got buried, an old cannon, and the original fence. Very cool; there’s so much history everywhere.

So far I’m pretty enamored by Kentucky, but sadly I already have to leave. Arin and I are off to Charlottesville, Virginia tomorrow, where we’re meeting up with another member of my tribe, Margaret. I know I’m in for a fun-filled, long overdue girl’s weekend!